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“I have sent many patients to Dr. Lightsey and am consistently extremely pleased with her services. Her clinical judgement is superior due to her advanced training combined with depth of experience in the field. When I send my patients to Lightsey Physical Therapy, I know they will return with a positive report and will improve to their maximum personal potential.” ​ ---Rachel Bramson, MD

"Dr. Amanda Lightsey, the epitome of professionalism and passion, continues to astound me as she works to achieve optimal results from our one-on-one, personally-designed, physical therapy sessions.  Her undivided attention, empathy, and perceptive nature during our sessions is invaluable and provides a compassionate and caring environment that promotes success and healing.  These qualities, coupled with her extensive knowledge and ability to communicate that knowledge regarding specific exercises and precise techniques, further promote effective performance of my home program.  Dr. Lightsey creates and maintains rapport with her clients – she truly invests in them.  She successfully researched my unique problem, encouraged me to acquire a definitive diagnosis, and developed detailed exercises to alleviate my pain.  My progress has been remarkable and my sincere thanks and gratitude belong to Dr. Lightsey".​  ---Pam Francis

"Barbara and I have benefited in multiple ways from the physical therapy we have received from Amanda Lightsey over the past several months.  She has not only competently explained the various therapies, exercises and procedures but has clearly and adequately amplified the purpose, extent, function and expected results of each as well.  This has given us a level of comfort and assurance that what we are experiencing is beneficial and will certainly allow us to attain the goals we have in rehabilitation and therapy. We do appreciate her professionalism and competence in working with us". ---- John Moehlman

"By far, no comparison, with any other PT (and I've had a lot) - this was the most helpful, hopeful, useful therapy I've ever had. And, I get my own "bag of tools" for a lifetime of use. An answer to a prayer! Thank- you!" --JC 2023

"I can't say enough good things about Dr. Lightsey. Her treatment went way beyond just treating my injuries; it was life changing. Equipped with the series of customized exercises that she prescribed (including pictures and explanations), I'm confident that I will become stronger and more flexible over time, and, (barring illness and accidents), will be far less likely to become injured in the future. I'm back to running and doing Pilates without pain. I'm so grateful to Dr. Lightsey for her knowledge, her close attention to the way my body works (and doesn't work), her stellar teaching skills, and her good humor and optimism, which made working with her a joy." --Susan Adams, 2024

"I've been to several excellent physical therapists, but the one-on-one approach I received from Amanda was unlike anything I had experienced before. This degree of attention meant no only that my care was personally targeted to my situation, but that she continually modified my exercise regimen based on my progress. That, for me, was the key to positive results." --Kara Socol 2020

"I didn't know what to expect as this was my 1st PT experience. She came highly recommended and I know why now. Amanda is an excellent Physical Therapist. She understands when and where you need instructions and how to get the best results. The instructions were so easy to understand and left no question as to why or how. She has an excellent manner and I was very comfortable from the beginning. I would highly recommend her and I have several times already. The therapy has helped me and I have tools to continue to maintain and improve. Thanks Amanda!" -- Andrew O'Connor 2021

"My experience was incredible and life changing! I was put back together and went from almost total impairment to living a normal life. I highly recommend Lightsey Physical Therapy!" --Merrill Kirkpatrick 2022

"I love this practitioner and recommend her all the time to others. She doesn't focus my time on rote exercise for one issue but instead explores how my problem may have caused alterations in other areas. Then the exercises target all those issues so the problem resolves instead of being temporarily fixed, leaving residual problems." --Suzanne Droleskey 2023

"Dr. Lightsey has been the best therapist I've had since my undergrad university therapist over 35 years ago! She is highly knowledgeable, experienced, and thorough in detail. She is cheerful, reassuring, understanding and wonderful to work with. Thank-you Dr. Lightsey!" --TJ 2023

"Dr. Lightsey is the best listener and most responsive treatment professional I have ever dealt with. I've had pain centered in my lower back for more than 35  years and seen more than a dozen different medical professionals in five states. Dr. Lightsey is the most helpful. By far. I recommend her highly."  ---MR 2022

"I have been blessed to be directed to Amanda. Her therapy for me was not the same old "generic" therapy I previously received over the years. It was very specific to my issues. She is professional, compassionate; and her one on one interaction helped with consistency and progress. She is the only therapist who ever helped me." ---Vickie Colson, 2022

"Dr. Lightsey is amazing. She is the first physical therapist who has been able to find the source of my pain and develope a treatment and exercise plan that actually worked. Her approach is scientific and tailor made to each patient. I am so grateful to Dr. Lightsey for everything she taught me."  ---Heather Ramsey, 2022

"I have had my fair share of physical therapy as a dancer. None of my experiences compare to what I have had with Dr. Lightsey. She explains your condition and the plan for improvement and truly wants to see you well and healthy. Thank you for helping me return to dancing pain free!!" ​  ---SB

"I am so grateful for the care my teenager received from Dr. Lightsey. Her experience and compassion exceeded our expectations. My daughter's pain level dropped right away after the first visit. We give Dr. Lightsey our highest recommendation!" ---Melissa Adams

"At 41 and after 5 surgeries over 2 years, I had a hunched back, poor balance and severe pain from doing simple household tasks. Her exercises gave me my body back. I'm standing up straight again, chores are much easier, and much of my chronic pain is gone. Thank you so much for your help!" ---Sandra Childers 2021

"Amanda is an excellent physical therapist. Her grasp of the body and its workings are superior! She explains in a way that makes perfect sense. She doesn't speak in medical terms but puts it in lay person so you can understand the how and why. She is compassionate, empathetic, and strives to get you better quickly. No fancy equipment to have to use - she teaches you how to use things you have at home. Her exercises I will use for a lifetime to stay in top physical shape. This PT isn't my first, but it helped me more than any other I've had. And, she's nice and friendly to boot! I highly recommend her and have to many of my friends!" ---Donna O'Connor 2021

"I traveled immediately after elbow surgery and needed to start PT before going home and was lucky enough to find Dr. Lightsey. She not only provided excellent PT for my elbow but recognized and addressed other issues needing PT for me to follow up at home." ---Pat LaCour 2021

"I received care during the time of COVID-19. Dr. Lightsey went above and beyond to make sure her patients were in a safe environment. I also greatly appreciated her willingness to always be available. I will definitely recommend her services." ---PI 2020

"Every exercise was well explained and demonstrated. Dr. Lightsey did an excellent job of explaining what the exercise was for and what it was to achieve. Allowing me to video exercises was EXTREMELY helpful - I can refer to them anytime I need a reminder. The one on one was specifically tailored to my situation and condition. Dr. Lightsey did an outstanding job! I am pain free!" ---Lisa McDonald 2020

"Excellent care in every way! I would highly recommend her to my family and friends. Very professional yet kind and understanding." ---Rebecca Utermark 2020

"Dr. Lightsey was a joy to have as a doctor. She came across as very confident, very business like with what was needed for me to move forward and improve, yet really relaxed and friendly. Would recommend to anyone and have!" ---James Whatley 2020

"The first time I was there you explained what you wanted me to accomplish and you went above and beyond. More than pleased with the results. I will continue to work on my exercises each day. You became a friend!" ---DC 2020

"So pleased with the process and results. And you, Amanda Lightsey, have a heart for your patients and the knowledge to help them through the circumstances. Thank you!" ---Linda Moore

"Outstanding one on one experience with Dr. Lightsey. Not the cookie cutter approach I had experienced with other PT locations. She customized the PT plan to ME. I felt everything she had me do was tailored to my problem. If I every need a PT again, it will be Dr. L." ---Mary Stratta, 2020

"Amanda gave a very thorough examination and evaluation – I’ve never had a medical plan explained to me like that before."  ---MR

"I have had a variety of experiences with Physical Therapy. Lightsey Physical Therapy is by far the best. I recommend it to anyone and everyone." ---RP

"I think Ms. Amanda is one of the best Physical Therapists. She is confident in her treatments, is very experienced and has lots of training." ---AF

"I came to this clinic because of Amanda Lightsey, PT, DPT. She has been a very big help and very knowledgeable with my unique needs. I strongly recommend her." ---MD

"Amanda is straight forward, very well informed and answered all of my questions. She has a solid game plan and is professional." ---KL

“This was hands-down the best physical therapy experience I have ever had! Thank you Amanda!”  Lynne Beaty – March 2018

“This was my 1st time with physical therapy and it exceeded my expectations. Surgery has been cancelled because of it and I am stronger and in better condition than before I had the problem for which I was being treated.” Pat Socolofsky 2018

"Nearly five years ago, Amanda Lightsey gave me physical therapy to combat the effects of a neurological condition, with very good results. Then in 2016 I suffered a stroke, and benefited greatly from her therapy to regain and maintain my strength and coordination. And I’m about to call on her a third time as I recover from an ankle fracture. She knows what I need and does it with gentle, firm care always." Lee Kerwin 2018

"It changed my quality of life!" Kim Scott 2018

"Amanda Lightsey was a great PT! She was understanding and kind and knowledgeable. Her office is always clean and comfortable. The one-on-one attention you get here is fantastic." Emily Rauscher 2018

"Dr. Lightsey is the best PT I've ever had and I've had many through the years. She treats patients personally - no techs involved! She understands how the whole body works together, so home exercises are phenomenal. She really cares!"  Connie Schondelmeyer 2019

"Admiration, respect, confidence and joy come to mind after working with Dr. Lightsey on my road to less pain. Only by following her directions and daily exercise was that possible. She's in demand, but the wait was worth it! She IS the best!!"  Marilyn Chevalier 2019

"Amanda was very knowledgeable and able to explain why she selected each exercise - which helped me to understand and kept me vigilant in continuing my exercises at home. She has helped me with my pain more than any injection I've had during non-acute times. I would recommend anyone see her for ANY PT needs!"  Crystal Price 2019

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