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Preparing for Your First Visit

Whether this is your first visit or you've been treated by a physical therapist in the past, there are things you can do to make your first visit as successful as possible. 

  • Obtain the appropriate intake forms here for your diagnosis and complete them to the best of your ability prior to arriving for your first visit. 

  • Ensure you have your photo ID and insurance card(s). A copy will be made prior to initiation of your first visit. 

  • Draft a list of questions that you have, to best utilize your time with Dr. Lightsey

  • Consider bringing a family member or trusted friend along to help you remember details from your own health history, and to take notes about what is discussed during your visit.

  • If prescribed, bring glasses and/or hearing devices.


  • If available, bring any lab, diagnostic, or medical reports from other health care professionals that may be related to your medical history or who have treated your current condition. 

  • Bring a list of names of your physician and other healthcare professionals that you would like Dr. Lightsey to contact regarding your evaluation and progress. 

  • Wear clothes that allow freedom of movement to ensure Dr. Lightsey easy access to your area of concern. 

Financial Considerations

Carefully review the clinic's financial policy prior to starting care.  You will be asked to sign a financial agreement, so review the agreement carefully and ask questions if anything is unclear. 

Applicable deductibles, co-insurance and co-payments will be requested prior to initiation of each appointment. If the frequency of visits needs to be adjusted for financial reasons, discuss this directly with Dr. Lightsey. In partnership with Dr. Lightsey, you may explore alternatives and develop a workable plan for care.

Should you change insurance plans, or lose coverage for any reason, please be sure to inform Dr. Lightsey as well as the clinic's front office staff. 

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