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Accepted Insurances:

Lightsey Physical Therapy is contracted with most major insurance companies; however we advise patients to verify their approved providers and facilities prior to their first appointment.

A Couple of Notes

  • Most insurance companies offer several different plans or subsidiaries. Thus, two patients with Blue Cross Blue Shield, for instance, may have completely different benefits, and therefore, completely different financial responsibilities. Some plans have no copays or deductibles; others may have a $10,000 deductible. Furthermore, some providers may not accept all plans from a particular insurance. This is why it is crucial that you investigate the details of your specific plan.

  • If your insurance offers an online patient portal, sign up for it! These resources typically enable you to:

    • check your benefits,

    • track your deductible,

    • see which providers in your area accept your particular plan,

    • track your claims, and

    • compare claims to your receipts from the doctor’s office (if they don’t match up, you can then follow up on any discrepancies)

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